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This page is the main focal point for all of my online Dungeons and Dragons games! Any campaigns, adventures, and 1-shots I run will be posted here for the general public to view. I will even display my event calendar here to include my live stream times! I feel this is the best way to get the information out there to my viewers as well as my players.


In order to view the calendar, you must “join” the campaign. If you wish to join, please see below. The best way to get ahold of me is to join my Discord and request to join that way.

Prospecting New Players

1. Please read and understand the Rules as it helps maintain a fun environment for everyone.

2. It is recommended to check out the Variant Rules to gain a better understanding of how the DM runs this campaign.

3. Finally, if you wish to join any of these games (given there is any availability), send me an email.


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If you would like to use any of the code from our page, please contact the DM and he willl point you in the right direction, with payment in “favorites” :) as we may create a “help” page for future use.

Behind the DM Screen